Nowoczesne meble tapicerowane, komplety wypoczynkowe, luksusowe, ekskluzywne wyposażenie wnętrz, sypialni, salonu, domu - producent mebli Comforty


design Comforty

NAPO is more than just a sofa. It’s a complete and well-thought-out system that ensures comfortable and attractive seating in every kind of space. NAPO has been designed not to put any limits on the freedom of creating a relaxation space and the uses for the sofa. Its form offers enough space for several people to use simultaneously. You can sit on the backrest, on the side, or rest against the cushion.

You can create an infinite number of variants of the sofa using the three modules that complement each other. There’s a two -person sofa, numerous versions of corner seats, a modern chaise longue, a comfortable armchair, as well as geometric configurations of these versions. The range of options makes it easy to furnish spaces which are very large or difficult to decorate. The pouffe from the NAPO collection works as a side table thanks to which NAPO doesn’t require any additional elements.

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