Nowoczesne meble tapicerowane, komplety wypoczynkowe, luksusowe, ekskluzywne wyposażenie wnętrz, sypialni, salonu, domu - producent mebli Comforty


design Tomek Rygalik

Gnu is a comfortable, upholstered chair with a light wooden construction and unique silhouette. The padded seat and the characteristic rounded shape of the backrest provide exceptional comfort. The sophisticated way of connecting upholstered elements with the wooden structure makes this an innovative and distinctive piece of furniture that fits perfectly in the refined contemporary interior. The elegant wooden finishes and precisely matched elements emphasise Gnu’s feel of luxury. With a wide range of natural veneers, you can easily compose this light in expression chair with the corresponding collection of Xylo tables. Depending on the choice of finishes and upholstery, Gnu can play a role in domestic spaces as well as prestigious public interiors.

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