Nowoczesne meble tapicerowane, komplety wypoczynkowe, luksusowe, ekskluzywne wyposażenie wnętrz, sypialni, salonu, domu - producent mebli Comforty


design Tomasz Augustyniak

Sinus is a sofa inspired by the need to maximise the use of space for recreation and relaxation. This led to thinking about a piece of furniture that would quickly convert from a corner seat into a large, comfortable bed or divan for leisure time during the day. Whatever the arrangement and choice of function, Sinus loses nothing of its timeless, modern silhouette, and in both settings it looks perfect. The mechanism for changing function has been developed so as to easily and effortlessly transform the corner seat into a bed.

The sofa is offered in two sizes. In the shorter version, the sleeping space is created by adding a pouffe. The longer variant, after unfolding, additionally provides a wooden base for a night light, book, or other odds and ends.

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