Nowoczesne meble tapicerowane, komplety wypoczynkowe, luksusowe, ekskluzywne wyposażenie wnętrz, sypialni, salonu, domu - producent mebli Comforty


design Krystian Kowalski
Maja Ganszyniec

The comfort of Boo design contributes greatly to the main value of the brand. The warm feeling, soft seat and appropriately high backrest for the body and head are complemented by great attention to detail. When combined with cosy cushions, the piece takes on a consistent expression and communicates a clear message: it’s a casual design, welcoming one to relax in one’s own way. Decorative stitching is also availabe in a contrsting colour variation to add some individualism to the textile.

The added value of Boo is the way in which its sofas and armchairs transform into beds without too much effort. The mechanism provides the user with its own mattress, guaranteeing a good sleep. The cover is removable for easy cleaning or changing. The Boo collection includes pieces both with and without the bed function. A version in waxed solid oak is also available.

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