Nowoczesne meble tapicerowane, komplety wypoczynkowe, luksusowe, ekskluzywne wyposażenie wnętrz, sypialni, salonu, domu - producent mebli Comforty


design Tomasz Augustyniak

I wanted to create an object that would offer a safe hiding place in the house’s living space – a kind of nest – a nice, cosy thing that can be individually organized according to your needs. I wanted a very personal sofa. BADU is the result of my formal and technological experiments. Its appearance is determined by comfort. The shape of the foam adjusts to the user’s body, while the springs and natural down have made it possible to achieve optimal parameters, offering completely unique comfort. Tomasz Augustyniak

Creating this project i wanted to bring to life the archetype of comfort. BADU is not to make a powerful impression – it is rather to offer a sense of freedom, something close and private. The premise i managed to realize fully is multifunctionality. You can either sit or lie on BADU in any possible position, or use it to create a whole interior architecture by putting together selected modules. Tomasz Augustyniak

Our main premise when creating Badu was, alongside the functionality that sprang from the freedom to combine elements, the exceptional comfort which was achievable thanks to the use of several layers of foam inxthe seat and the backrest. The final effect is the result of the materials used in its manufacture – natural soft down combined with state-of-theart foam that adjusts to the shape of the body (memory foam).

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