COM40 factory

Com40 is more than 3000 skilled workers, 150 000 m2 of modern machinery park, and productivity of 2500 units per day of upholstered furniture. The success of the company, founded in 2000, is in a management strategy based on continuous improvement in the team and the achievement of better and better results in terms of both productivity and quality. Com40's goal is to continuously improve efficiency while maintaining price competitiveness for the products manufactured at the plant. Currently, the Com40 complex of factories, which includes the Correct mattress factory, is the largest such enterprise in Poland.


COM40 Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. z siedzibą w Skalmierzycach
(dawniej: Com.40 Limited Sp. z o.o.)
ul. Podkocka 4b,
63-460, Nowe Skalmierzyce,


Telefon +48 62 76 29 550
Fax +48 62 76 29 555
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