design Jan Kochański

After last year’s premiere of the new piece developed by Jan Kochański, Comforty introduces a complete Calder collection as a final product range including the light, 2 seater bench and smaller, more compact armchair. The new galvanized brass finishing of the tubular frame is also available.
Unlike most Comforty products, the brand’s DNA is read off rather from the ergonomics of the piece, not the volume of the upholstery elements. And it is the ergonomics element that helps to ultimately position the silhouette of the user. Additional functions and the variety of versions are added values that make the Calder a versatile armchair for home, or office use.

The study of the shape and the finishing details applied on the moulded plywood result in the soft, embracing effect of the backrest. Slightly upscaled, it allows for various positions while resting. The curved seat is softly padded. The sensual experience of the piece is derived from the organically shaped elements, armrests or work surfaces, which are made of genuine materials such as solid wood, or upholstered plywood.

Despite the means of expression being modest, the piece won’t remain unnoticed in an interior. The scale of the Calder and its sophisticated details make it a standout piece in any home, office or hotel setting.

The Calder collection in a few versions – upholstered in fabric or leather; without armrests; with the armrest made of solid oak or varnished wood; and with the armrests upholstered in fabric or leather. The tubular steel frame can be powder-coated in any colour from the RAL palette and Comforty’s sand structure Sahara finishing collection. The tubular frame is available also in galvanized copper.

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