Design: Krystian Kowalski
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The typology of circus-related pieces of design can be traced to ancient Rome and its architecture. The first circus in the city of Rome was the Circus Maximus in the valley between the Palatine and Aventine hills. It was constructed during the ancient Regal era and, at first, built completely from wood.

The design lineage of the Circus tables goes back to the Roman architecture of ‘circuses’. A place of entertainment but also a visible, stand-out building with a defined, special function and architecture evolved throughout the ages to become a landmark in Roman cities and a cultural reference that is still present today.
With a dose of light, the elegant Circus table gains this context of classic architecture, where the form becomes more dynamic thanks to the play of light and shadow and the rhythm of the vertical elements. The classic shape of the table and the genuine oak helps to define the timeless piece in a comfortable, living area.

Sophisticated details and the oak finishing, along with the removable table top that can also function as a tray, make the Circus table a versatile piece for any type of space.

The Circus table is available in two sizes, in a variety of finishings from the Comforty veneers collection, as well as in MDF in any colour from the RAL palette, with quartz pieces for a more durable surface.

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