Design: Krystian Kowalski
Obrazek Obrazek Obrazek Obrazek
Now available in leathers, including semianiline Elmosoft leather by the leading sustainable manufacturer Elmo, this Classic sofa, designed by Krystian Kowalski, aims to fulfill the most demanding necessities of comfort and ergonomics with the flexibility of production and rational resourcing costs. Its modest, yet generous, silhouette is achieved by combining similar elements, some of them traditionally manufactured, others foam injected, to create a light, ergonomic and soft piece with exceptional details and hand crafted shapes.

The technological approach behind the design of the sofa and armchair, which results in the combination of moulded foam-injected elements with traditional upholstery techniques, is a great advantage of the piece. The well-considered selection of materials and careful composition of the upholstery layers guarantee genuine comfort and a feeling of softness. The different heights of the cushions and pillows allow for an ergonomic positioning of the body and perfect support for the head. The depth of the seat, secured by cushions, accomodates various adjustments. Depending on the occasion, the sofa can be used for moments of laid back relaxation or for more formal purposes. The subdued, elegant design of the sofa is completed with the subtle shape of the armrest, its soft contours and refined details.
Fine legs made of die-cast aluminium give the sofa a light and well balanced expression. Repetitive elements are easily assembled on the functionally planned platform system. Its standardization and modularity helps both the manufacturer and the user, who is able to compose even the most expanded sofa sets almost intuitively. The seat of the Classic sofa is available in two depths. The more spacious and deeper version offers the ultimate comfort at home, while the compact version, offers the same softness and ergonomy and will work well in public spaces. The modular, well considered functionality combines perfectly with the refined, yet timeless form. From now on, legs are available in five colours – polished aluminium, black, white, grey and navy.

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